Dedicated web applications

Dedicated Internet applications – what it is and whether it is necessary for your business?

Internet application is much more than just a website. This is software working with web browsers, using a global network and perform specific actions beneficial from the point of view of the business or other activity of the company.
Those are programs similar to desktop applications but run in the browser. This software act as a service accessible from any device connected to the Internet.

The word “dedicated” means that the application is aimed to specific company and is closely tailored to the individual requirements. Companys build on this their own solutions, which improves the work of the company. With a dedicated application increases productivity that means there are a lot of automated business processes.

Examples of web applications:

  • Office suite from Google (software similar to the well-known Microsoft Office)
  • Adwords – advanced application for managing advertising campaigns in search engine
    What are the advantages of Internet applications compared to the desktop applications?
    1. No need to install
    2. Data are stored on a remote computer server (cloud), so that the risk of data loss is reduced. Good “cloud” automatically perform backups of all data, so you almost never worry about losing data.
    3. Server load is minimized through the use of Java Script, which makes many calculations occuring in the user’s computer
    4. Cheaper than desktop applications
    5. Data are available from any location connected to the Internet

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Interest in dedicated applications is constantly growing. Custom applications tailored to the requirements of the company ensures that it will have functions only necessary for the operation of the company. The purchase of ready-made application is associated with the risk that not all functionality will be used, while another may be missing. Then it may be necessary to purchase another application, which involves an unnecessary cost.

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